4 Jun 2004

Fiji opposition leader attempts to mediate dispute between Qarase and Chaudhry

10:30 am on 4 June 2004

Fiji's opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, is attempting to mediate between the prime minister and the Labour Party leader.

Fiji TV says this follows Laisenia Qarase's attack in which he accused Mahendra Chaudhry of trying to destroy the nation because of a personal agenda.

It came after Labour's boycott of two new parliamentary select committees - one to rescue the ailing the sugar industry and the second to resolve land lease problems.

Mr Beddoes says he has visited both leaders and received good responses from both.

Mr Chaudhry has downplayed Mr Qarase's attack, saying while the words were acrimonious he is not giving them too much significance.

Mr Chaudhry says it's normal for politicians to exchange harsh words but it does not mean they cannot sort out important national issues.