26 May 2004

Palau worried about computer impact on youth

1:53 pm on 26 May 2004

There are fears that outside businesses coming to Palau with updated computer technology may impact negatively on youth.

The secretary general for Palau's National Commission for UNESCO, Dwight Alexander, says businesses coming into the country often bring with them new software.

Mr Alexander says he's concerned that without proper training, young people may learn bad habits.

He says there needs to be some sort of accountability in what young people learn about the digital divide.

"The other concern that we have is that because we have a lot businesses outside, businesses, coming into the country, they tend to want to sell their product by showing their capabilities and what they are able to show. And we're afraid that in that process, they might educate our young people in adverse lessons."

Dwight Alexander, the secretary general for Palau's National Commission for UNESCO.