12 May 2004

Solomons ex-militants seek clarification of TPA amnesty

3:50 pm on 12 May 2004

The Solomon Islands government is being called on to explain the terms of the Townsville Peace Agreement which ended two years of ethnic violence on the island of Guadalcanal.

Andrew Nori, who is a former spokesperson and legal advisor to one of the militia groups, the Malaita Eagle Force, says the confusions surrounding the amnesty offered as part of the agreement can cause problems if not explained.

He says a public forum should be organised, gathering the two sides of the conflict to explain the terms of the agreement.

Mr Nori says it is in the interest of government to clarify the issues, and therefore the Attorney General must explain.

Debate has arisen amongst former militants about the amnesty following the increase in arrests of their former colleagues for crimes committed before the agreement was signed in October 2000.