11 May 2004

Pacific nations say they need help to introduce new security to counter terrorism

10:25 am on 11 May 2004

Some Pacific nations fear they will not be able to meet new international security obligations without financial help from the international community.

Officials from around the Pacific are in Wellington this week for a counter-terrorism roundtable.

It will look at how Pacific countries can meet the deadlines for the new requirements, which include the x-raying of all international airline baggage by 2006.

Nauru's Secretary for Justice, Denzil Seneviratne, acknowledges it will not be easy without outside help.

"In terms of resources, we don't have the resources, so we sill be certainly looking at the international community to give us assistance to achieve these goals."

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, says this country will contribute nearly two million US dollars a year to a fund helping countries meet the deadlines.