3 May 2004

PNG water cut shorter than planned

3:52 pm on 3 May 2004

The general manager of a Papua New Guinea water supplier says residents seemed to cope with not having water for 30 hours over the weekend.

The Port Moresby water supply was cut because of urgently needed repairs on leaking water valves.

But Billy Imar of Eda Ranu says work was completed quicker than initially planned and water was reconnected on Sunday morning.

Mr Imar says their 250,000 consumers did not seem too put off by the disconnection.

"Surprisingly, we didn't receive any feedback, indictaing they were fully informed of the shutdown and they were able to store enough water and that kept them going. Supply was restored earlier than anticipated. So our consumers seemed to be quite happy in how the whole works was undertaken."

Billy Imar says the hospital, fire service and prison were remained supplied through the company's reservoir.