20 Apr 2004

American Samoa governor plans review of US link

9:13 am on 20 April 2004

The governor of American Samoa is planning to appoint a commission to review the territory's relationship with the US and another committee to review the constitution.

Togiola Tulafono made the revelation during his Flag Day celebration speech marking 1-hundred and four years of American Samoa as a US territory.

To move forward, Togiola says American Samoa needs to look at its relations with the US and he says a commission will be appointed later this year charged with gathering public input.

Togiola also says when the government's 2-thousand and five budget is submitted for Fono approval in August, it will include a request to fund a constitutional convention.

American Samoa's Consitution stipulates that a Convention be held every five years, but the last convention took place more than six years ago.