3 Mar 2004

Solomons government to give more power to police commissioner

12:35 pm on 3 March 2004

The Solomon Islands government is to strengthen the powers of the country's police commissioner.

The Police and National Security Minister, Michael Maina, who made the announcement would not reveal details of the new powers, but said they would enable the commissioner to co-ordinate, delegate and oversee police activities across the nation.

He also said that with the gradual return of the rule of law, such powers would enable provincial police commanders to carry out their duties more effectively.

Commenting on the minister's statement, Commissioner William Morrell said many changes have taken place but more are to come.

He says the force has too many senior officers and he intends to reduce their number from 60 to 25 or even fewer.

He adds that there is no room in the police for senior officers who arrive late for work or drink alcohol during working hours.