12 Feb 2004

Fourth jail break in four months prompts investigation in PNG's Morobe Province

7:10 pm on 12 February 2004

The fourth jail breakout in as many months at Buimo prison in Papua New Guinea has ended in the shooting death of a prisoner.

The Postcourier reports three others have been admitted to Angau Memorial Hospital with serious gunshot wounds and a fifth prisoner, described as very dangerous, remains at large.

The latest breakout has prompted the Correctional Services headquarters to order an investigation into the recent jail escapes.

Two senior officers from the CS headquarters will be in Lae next week to carry out investigations.

Buimo Jail Adminstration Manager, Inspector Bafike Roika, says the breakout may hav ebeen planned over a periord of time.

He says a quick reponse by wardens averted what threatened to be a mass breakout.

Buimo jail has been the centre of controversy for the past six months after the deaths of six inmates and widespread illness blamed on low quality food offered the prisoners.