15 Dec 2003

Fiji police say others could be involved in Ba murders

4:46 pm on 15 December 2003

Police in Fiji say they are investigating the possibility that more than one person was involved in the murders of four people in a cane field near Ba.

A 24-year-old bus conductor, Waisele Waqanivala, appeared in court this morning charged with the murders.

He has told police that his motive was robbery which had gone wrong.

But, police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says they are still questioning Mr Waqanivala as to whether others were also involved.

"We have not discounted the fact that others are involved. The file is still wide open. We are looking at possibilities of others being involved and hopefully something will come up. That 's just one of those difficult cases whether it was just a case of robbery gone wrong or was it something else."

Mr Koroi says there was an earlier brutal murder in the same area which could be connected to this incident.

He says the police are investigating whether a gang of men is involved.