1 Dec 2003

Fiji activist on fresh hunger strike over anti-Indian activities

4:48 pm on 1 December 2003

A Fiji human rights activist has begun a hunger strike in protest over what he says are crimes against the Indian community.

James Bachu says his latest hunger strike will end on December the 10th to coincide with International Human Rights Day.

Mr Bachu, who is the president of the Fiji Citizens Freedom Movement, says he believes there is a hidden agenda to divide the Indian community for political gain.

He says he's angry about the lack of investigation into crimes against the Indian community and he feels sorry for the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes.

"With due respect to Mr Hughes I think he's a great guy, but it's no use for a good guy to be among ten other rotten potatoes because they're still there. You will see that the government has not taken any step to find who are the culprits behind these burning and looting of the mosque and temples."

Mr Bachu says he also believes the government is promoting propaganda to disgrace the Fiji Labour Party.