7 Nov 2003

Police in Fiji still looking for clues to temple burning

12:06 pm on 7 November 2003

Police in Fiji say they are at a loss to solve a suspected arson at a Hindu temple near Nausori without community help.

The Naga Baba Kutty Temple (nargar barbar kootee) Temple - a sacred Hindu landmark housing important religious relics - was burnt to the ground during the Diwali festival.

Police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says the police are under pressure to make an arrest but no-one has come forward with any information about the fire.

"It is frustrating - and not only that - it is taking up a lot of time because there are a lot of expectations, there are a lot of allegations, but no hard concrete evidence to suggest that it was in fact arson."

Mesake Koroi said at the time of the fire that he doubted it was racially motivated because racial tensions had not been a problem in the area