8 Sep 2003

Fiji waiting for NZ response to request for help in coup investigations

4:05 pm on 8 September 2003

Fiji police say they've yet to receive a response from New Zealand police to their request for assistance in completing investigations into the coup.

A spokesperson, Mesake Koroi, says New Zealand police have acknowledged that they've received the request but they've given no indication as to when they will get an answer.

Mr Koroi says they are hopeful a senior police officer will be sent but they have to wait for a response.

"They have not agreed but the request has gone through and we are hoping that someone will come. The only indications we have got so far is that it has been received but as to when the New Zealand officer will be available is between the New Zealand embassy here and the Wellington counterparts."

The new police commissioner in Fiji, Andrew Hughes, who is an Australian, asked for help from New Zealand so the investigations could be completed in a transparent manner.