2 Sep 2003

PNG's auditor general could be sacked if allegations proven

9:36 am on 2 September 2003

Papua New Guinea's auditor general, Mark Wani, will face dismissal from his position if the Leadership Tribunal finds that allegations against him are valid.

The Ombudsman Commission alleges that Mr Wani has improperly used public funds of close to 150,000 U.S. dollars in claiming for entertainment, transport and accommodation allowances, among other things.

The Commission's Nicka Pitoi says Mr Wani also failed to provide them with annual statements and failed to fully disclose his income and liabilities.

"We are of the view, that at the time we referred him the allegations were serious and substantiated by evidence and we anticipate the public prosecutor will procede to request the Chief Justice to appoint a Leadership Tribunal to enquire into the allegations."

Mr Pitoi says the public prosecutor has informed the commission that the Leadership Tribunal will be called within the next couple of weeks to hear the case against Mr Wani.