11 Aug 2003

Nauru government looks stable says parliament clerk

4:36 pm on 11 August 2003

The Clerk of Parliament in Nauru, Freddie Cain, says the latest shake-up of parliament should ensure a stable government,

The government led by President Ludwig Scotty was ousted on Friday in a vote of no-confidence in the 18-member parliament.

Three government MPs crossed the floor to topple Mr Scotty and replace him with Rene Harris who was in the top office in January before the first of four Presidential changes this year.

Mr Harris has a three-seat majority, and Mr Cain says this should give a settled government.

"Judging by the support which President Harris has yeah with the numbers it's more stable than the previous support for his government. It seems that you know it's going to be more stable but anything could happen, but on numbers, yes, it's quite stable at the moment."

Freddie Cain.