1 Aug 2003

Solomons new Deputy Police Commissioner says weapons and their owners will be found

11:04 am on 1 August 2003

Solomon Islands Deputy Police Commissioner, Ben McDevitt, says the entire country will be declared a controlled weapons area after the expiry of the latest gun amnesty.

A new amnesty period, to run for three weeks, began at midnight last night. (THUR)

Ben McDevitt says the controlled weapons area legislation will empower the police to pro-actively seek out guns that have not been handed in.

"We intend to execute a large number of search warrants, and I'm pretty confident we've got the capacity and the skills and resources, and certainly the commitment to identify those people who don't hand weapons in, and basically enforce the law and seize the weapons and ensure that they get an opportunity to face the court, and hopefully receive a hefty prison sentence."