1 Jul 2003

Vanuatu workshop on domestic violence attracts 26 men

11:18 am on 1 July 2003

A national women's centre in Vanuatu is having it's first ever training workshop geared toward males, in a bid to curb domestic violence.

Out of 35 who signalled initial interest, 26 men signed up for the one-week workshop to learn about women's rights.

Co-ordinator for the National Council of Women's Centre Merilyn Tahi says they have provided counselling services and community awareness projects for women over ten years, and now they are including men.

"The programme includes gender today where we are looking at domestic violence. We are looking at rape and other sexual abuses. We are looking at sexual harrassment. we will be having an opportunity where these men do their plans for the next three years. What are they going to do and what we can do together."

Merilyn Tahi says they were nervous about running the workshop, but are excited at the men's response saying they're already keen to have more training workshops run elsewhere in the province.