9 Jul 2003

Tongan MP says Police Minister should not be living free of charge in police housing

3:21 pm on 9 July 2003

A pro-democracy MP in Tonga says he intends submitting a resolution in parliament asking for an investigation into payments made to the police minister, Clive Edwards.

Isileli Pulu says Mr Edwards has been staying at the living quarters designed for police trainers for over two years, where the power, water and telephone bills are paid for by government.

Mr Pulu says he is concerned Mr Edwards is having his bills paid despite being on a large Ministerial salary, being an MP and holding positions on various statutory boards.

Mr Pulu says he will be voicing his concerns in Parliament because he believes other ministers could be abusing taxpayer money as well.

"I'm quite sure there are Ministers who are tax evaders, so I am going to follow up on that and put a submission to the House to have a look at it...and ask the Minister of Finance to look at living in quarters and all that"

Tongan MP, Isileli Pulu.