26 Jun 2003

Fiji villagers join fight against marijuana growers

8:19 am on 26 June 2003

The chiefs and people of a remote part of Fiji where marijuana was being grown on a large scale for sale at the South Pacific Games have joined the fight against drugs.

It's the same place in Vanua Levu where ten days ago a group of villagers armed with spears, pitchforks and knives attacked a police party on an anti-drug operation.

That attack took place after police uprooted more than one thousand marijuana plants meant for sale at the Games.

Now, Radio Fiji reports that the chiefs and people of Natewa Bay are at the forefront of the fight against drug criminals.

This follows the setting up of joint crime prevention committees by police, churches and the ministry of reconciliation.

The chiefs and people have warned marijuana farmers to destroy all plants they may still have immediately.