25 Apr 2003

Full list of candidates for Forum Secretary General's job revealed

3:27 pm on 25 April 2003

The full list of candidates for the top position of Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum has been revealed with the lapsing of the deadline for applications this week.

Applications from Australia, Nauru, Samoa and Tonga have been received by Fiji's Foreign Affairs and the names of candidates will be forwarded to Pacific Island leaders at their annual summit in Auckland in August.

Samoa is supporting the application of the country's Minister for Lands, Tuala Donald Kerslake, a former Head of Samoa's Justice Department and a lawyer by profession.

Nauru's candidate is a former diplomat and cabinet minister, Kinza Clodumar, while Tonga's choice is former cabinet minister and educationalist, Dr Langi Kavaliku, the chairman of the University of the South Pacific Council.

Australia's candidate is Greg Urwin, a former High Commissioner to Fiji, who also worked extensively with other Pacific countries during a long diplomatic career.

The current Forum Secretary General, Noel Levi from Papua New Guinea, will complete his term at the end of this year.