12 Oct 2002

Fiji coup front man delays pardon application

8:51 am on 12 October 2002

The Fiji coup front man, George Speight, has delayed his application for a full pardon to the commission for the prerogative of mercy.

Radio FM-96 says the delay is until a decision is made on the fate of his other coup accomplices who have applied to serve the remainder of their sentences from their homes under compulsory supervision orders.

This includes Speight's younger brother and Australian national, Jim Speight, who is also serving time on Nukulau for his role in the coup.

Speight's elder brother and Government MP, Sam Speight Jr, says the coup front man is supporting the application by the others to serve their sentences outside prison and wants their cases to be finalised first.

Speight pleaded guilty to the treason charge against him when brought to trial early this year and was sentenced to death.

But this was immediately commuted to life imprisonment since when there have been constant efforts by his supporters and family to have him freed with a full pardon.