1 Dec 2020

NZTrio's Constellations concert

From Upbeat, 12:30 pm on 1 December 2020

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NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown Photo: Tai Nelson/NZTrio

NZTrio is one of this country’s most prominent chamber groups – described once by critic William Dart as “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble”.

The trio's line-up now consists of violinist Amalia Hall, pianist Somi Kim and cellist and founder member Ashley Brown.

Ashley spoke with Upbeat about how the change of membership has affected the ensemble as a whole, and how live performance generates excitement for performers and audiences.

"There’s a very different vibe, there’s a different kind of electricity in the air when you’re playing live," he says.

NZTrio's third and final concert series for the year is Constellations.