4 May 2020

Book Corner: Alfred Brendel on the mysteries of music

From Upbeat, 6:00 am on 4 May 2020

Legendary pianist Alfred Brendel performed his last-ever concert nearly twelve years ago in Vienna's Musikverein.

The Lady From Arezzo by Alfred Brendel

The Lady From Arezzo by Alfred Brendel Photo: http://www.allenandunwin.co.nz/browse/books/general-books/music/The-Lady-from-Arezzo-Alfred-Brendel-9780571353729

Now in his late 80s, he continues to give master-classes and is the author of several books. His latest is a collection of essays on the mysteries of music.

The Lady from Arezzo: My Musical Life and Other Matters by Alfred Brendel is our book to giveaway on RNZ Concert mornings for the month of May.

The title refers to a tailor's mannequin that Brendel spotted in a shop window in the small Tuscan town called Arezzo. Who is this strange lady? What is she looking at? And why is she carrying an egg on her head? The mannequin now graces a room in the attic of Brendel's house in Hampstead.

Brendel has declared "Sense and nonsense need to be partners in order to mirror the absurdity of this world,” and in this book great masters of nonsense meet great masters of music.

If you would like to win a copy of this book, answer the following question: What year did Alfred Brendel retire from the concert stage?

Email your answer to: Daybreak@rnz.co.nz

Our thanks to Anna Hunt at Wellington's Marsden Books for her inspired choices and generosity.