25 Dec 2019

In Our Christmas Summer - Dana Livesay

From Upbeat, 12:00 pm on 25 December 2019
Colourful beach umbrella on a summer sunny day above unrecognizable people on a beach at the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand

Photo: 123rf


Listener Dana Livesay's moving take on "In the Bleak Midwinter". Dana entered it in the 2019 Kiwi Christmas Carol competition, and here it's sung by the RNZ Concert choir.



In our Christmas summer, frisky breezes blow.
Sand lays soft as sunshine, breakers roll to foam;
Dusk has fallen, sun is low, lower, lower, gone.
Warm, the summer darkness, peaceful evensong.

Heaven seems to hold him, as the stars embrace
Sparks from dying campfires, soaring into space.
In the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed
But here a sleeping bag would cuddle the new Christ.

Campervans and caravans, all have gathered here,
Neath the wings of moreporks, caroling the air,
Mothers hush their children, campfire embers glow,
Silent is the blessing that our sleeps bestow.

What can I bring for Christmas barbecue?
If I were a farmer, lamb chops, they would do;
If I were a wise one, I would know for true
That love is what will feed us, love from me to you.