22 Jun 2018

Staff “devastated” by creative libraries closure

From Upbeat, 12:19 pm on 22 June 2018

More specialized music staff could lose their jobs at the University of Auckland.

It was announced yesterday three specialist creative libraries, including the Music and Dance Library Te Herenga Pūoru is to close, resulting in job losses.

University of Auckland

University of Auckland Photo: 123RF

45 positions across the library system are set to go as 62 library and desk assistants compete for only 32 jobs. Among them are people with specialized knowledge and experience in a range of musical disciplines.

A library assistant in one of the creative libraries told RNZ Concert that staff are “devastated” by the announcement even though a review and consultation process have been conducted.

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The staff member who was unwilling to be identified says “While we realise that this is a financial decision as much as a restructure, we think that there were other options that could have been explored more.”

“One other key aspect that’s been forgotten is that we work closely with the Archive of Maori and Pacific Music. And most people who need to use the Archive would always come to a library assistant as their first point of call.”

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Disestablished staff have until July 2 to express their interest for redeployment.