26 Feb 2018

RNZ Concert: a fresh take on the radio

From Upbeat, 8:00 am on 26 February 2018

RNZ’s music station started sounding a little different from Monday 26th February.

RNZ Concert Desk / Operating Console

RNZ Concert will remain New Zealand's champion of classical, jazz and world music, but with a mix of new and familiar voices and programmes.

From now on there will be a gradual evolution of the sound of the station as our programmes, presenters, and audiences grow together.

There will also be a renewed focus on the unique work we do in providing live music performances, and our storytelling about the New Zealand music and arts communities, both on-air and on-line.

Here’s what to expect on the radio:


6 am - 9 am Daybreak with Cynthia Morahan

RNZ Concert presenter Cynthia Morahan.

RNZ Concert presenter Cynthia Morahan. Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

The perfect overture to your day

Cynthia brings a host of experience as a presenter and writer from her work with RNZ National (including covering for newsreader Nicola Wright), RNZ Concert, and RTE Lyric FM in Ireland.

Along the way she has developed skills in writing, production, and publishing, and proven herself a gifted and passionate communicator with a wicked sense of humour. 

9 am - midday The Works with Nick Tipping

A menu full of masterpieces

Nick Tipping has multiple degrees covering Musicology, Jazz Performance, and Linguistics.  He’s led the New Zealand School of Music Jazz programme, and comes to us from a role at the NZSO. Nick has a love of connecting people with music, whether it’s in the classroom, through social media, or on-air. 

Nick will also build on his successful RNZ jazz programme, Inside Out.

RNZ Concert presenter: Nick Tipping

RNZ Concert presenter: Nick Tipping Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Midday - 3pm Upbeat with David Morriss

Keeping you in tune with music and arts

David will be a familiar voice to RNZ Concert listeners, as he shifts gears to move from afternoon tea to lunchtime. David and the Upbeat team stretch out to three hours, offering a topical and informative take on music, with  stories and interviews about music and the arts from a New Zealand perspective featured at 1pm.

RNZ Concert presenter David Morriss

RNZ Concert presenter David Morriss Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

3 – 6:30pm Classical Connection with Rick Young

Afternoon music to get you from A to B

Rick is giving away the early starts to dedicate his experience and style to creating a new afternoon drive programme:  Classical Connections. He’ll present a wide variety of musical favourites, highlights from the home-grown NZ repertoire, and a few surprises thrown in. A salve for anyone stuck in traffic and the perfect atmosphere for cocktail hour.

RNZ Concert presenter Rick Young

RNZ Concert presenter Rick Young Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

6:30 – 7:30pm Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin (WFMT)

This popular and internationally syndicated programme comes to us from the creative talents at WFMT in Chicago.  Renaissance man Bill McGlaughlin explores a weekly musical theme. Entertaining and informative with lots of music!

7:30 – 10 pm Music Alive with Clarissa Dunn

Your ticket to the best seat in the house

Clarissa brings her stage and presentation experience to a revitalised Music Alive programme, showcasing the best live music performances from New Zealand and the world.

RNZ Concert presenter Clarissa Dunn

RNZ Concert presenter Clarissa Dunn Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Late night and early morning

From 10 - 11 pm enjoy encore outings for some of our best-loved weekend programmes, including The Chart and Inside Out, as well as a new show, Eva Radich’s Pick and Mix.

At 11 pm hear the soothing sounds of Day’s End, followed at midnight by Music Through The Night, your aural pathway through the darkest hours, until 6am.


Saturday on RNZ Concert retains many current audience favourites, and adds a few new treats.

6 – 9am Classic Morning

Presented by a variety of RNZ Concert’s familiar voices, Classic Morning continues its brand of accessible music to ease you into your weekend.

9 am – midday Saturday Brunch

Saturday Brunch offers a wholesome blend of complete performances of classic masterpieces balanced with light-hearted fare, from Mozart to Gershwin, presented by a variety of RNZ Concert’s familiar voices.

Midday – 1 pm The RNZ Concert Classical Chart with Rick Young

The top 10 selling classical albums for the week

1 - 2 pm The Sound File with David Houston

Exploring the art of sound recording

With weekly reviews, favourite recordings, and some insider information, David gives sound advice.

RNZ Concert presenter David Houston

RNZ Concert presenter David Houston Photo: RNZ / Clarissa Dunn

2 – 3 pm Worlds of Music with Trevor Reekie

3 – 4 pm Music Alive Matinee with Clarissa Dunn

5 – 7 pm Inside Out with Nick Tipping

Classic recordings and modern masterpieces from the world of jazz.

7 – 7:30 pm Jazz meets Classical

Don’t fear the fusion

7:30 – 9:30 pm Music Alive with Clarissa Dunn

9:30 pm - midnight Sound Lounge

Sound Lounge moves from Friday to Saturday night, and has additional time to profile avant garde and atmospheric soundscapes, up-to-the-minute contemporary, early 20th Century and a touch of art pop.

Midnight – 6 am Music Through the Night

Your aural pathway through the darkest hours


Sunday also retains many audience favourites, and we’ve added some new programme we hope you will enjoy.

6 – 8 am Sanctuary

Uplifting music for the spirit and soul.Including:

7:30am Hymns on Sunday with Robyn Jaquiery

A weekly selection of traditional and modern hymns.

RNZ presenter Robyn Jaquiery

RNZ presenter Robyn Jaquiery Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

8 – 9 am Grace Notes

Music to mirror the well-earned day of rest. Reflective and calming.

9 – 11 am From the Top

Highlighting the top 100 works in New Zealand as chosen by you, the RNZ Concert audience during Settling the Score

11 am – midday Pick and Mix with Eva Radich

Former Upbeat host Eva Radich has taken a new editorial role at RNZ Concert, but she’s keeping her hand in the lolly jar with this new music show featuring a selection of performers and genres.

RNZ Concert presenter Eva Radich

RNZ Concert presenter Eva Radich Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Midday – 3 pm The Musical Omnivore with David Morriss

Musically voracious? This programme is for you. From the fringes of the baroque to the vast cathedrals of symphonic sound, it’s all fair game. David unearths recordings from the early and late masters, from Sweelinck through to Bach, and Bruckner through to Mahler, and delves deep into his scratchy record collection for:

1 pm Vintage Years

Performances by great artists from the mono era, including the latest remastered recordings.

3 – 4 pm Chamber Music Matinée

Highlights from Chamber Music series around the world. Intimate performances by the greatest chamber musicians. 

4 – 5 pm In the Spotlight

Shining a light on music makers.  A weekly focus on great composers and musicians in the news and on recording.

5 – 5:30 pm New Horizons with William Dart

William draws on his encyclopaedic knowledge and gargantuan record collection to offer insights and surprising links between rock, pop, country, folk and beyond.

5:30 – 6 pm The Silver Screen

Favorite film scores and themes

6 – 8 pm Opera on Sunday

The best live opera performances from around the world, including our annual season from the Metropolitan Opera House, New York.

9 – 11 pm Made in New Zealand

Our sounds and voices – a showcase of New Zealand’s finest artists and composers, including unique recordings from the RNZ Concert archive

11 pm – midnight New Music Dreams with Ryan Smith

Explore ambient and drone music - handpicked from the very latest, to 20th century seminal masterpieces and everything in between.

RNZ Concert presenter Ryan Smith

RNZ Concert presenter Ryan Smith Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Midnight – 6am Music Through the Night

An aural pathway through the darkest hours

Contact RNZ Concert by email: concert@radionz.co.nz