21 Dec 2016

Best of Upbeat 2016 – The Art of Etiquette

From Upbeat, 1:40 pm on 21 December 2016

This year Upbeat producer Zoë George explored the etiquette of the arts in The Art of Etiquette; uncovering where to look in a life drawing class, to what to wear to the opera or ballet. Here are some highlights from that series:

Orchestral performance

Brigid O'Meeghan

Zoë asks NZSO cellist Brigid O’Meeghan whether it’s all right to clap between movements, if you can eat in the hall, and what is the appropriate attire to were to the concert hall.


Opera singer Wade Kernot

Are jandals and skinny black jeans appropriate attire for the opera? Can I boo at my favourite villain? I want to tweet, is that ok? We get the low-down on opera etiquette from Westie turned opera singer Wade Kernot.

Film Festivals

2016 Film Festival image

When going to the movies or a film festival, is it alright to put my feet on the seat in front of me? Can I leave if I don't like a film? And what about eating in the theatre? Jasmin McSweeney from the New Zealand Film Commission gives us a close up look at the etiquette of the NZIFF.

Life Drawing Classes

Virginia Kennard (Producer of Wellington's 2016 The Performance Arcade).

In this episode Upbeat producer Zoë George gets Virginia Kennard to bare all regarding life drawing classes. What would possess someone to volunteer to be a life drawing model? If you are an artist, is it alright to talk during class? And what happens if you draw something not to scale?

Fashion Week

Contemporary Salon Show at Fashion Week 2015

PR guru and Fashion Week veteran Paul Blomfield answers the big questions about fashion week in our Art of Etiquette series. Is it all air kisses and “oh darlings”? Can I sit wherever I like? Is it ok to rummage through my goodie bag? And most importantly… what should I wear?


Royal New Zealand Ballet - Wizard of Oz

Sir Jon Trimmer takes some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about what to do if you're new to the ballet audience. Is it okay to wear jeans to the ballet? Or boo at your favourite opera villain? Can I eat at an art gallery or go get an ice cream during an outdoor performance? When should I give a standing ovation?


Saturday Morning producer Mark Cubey

Former Saturday Morning producer Mark Cubey talks about how interviewees should approach being talked to by the media. What do you need to know? Should you be nervous? How should you behave?