12 Feb 2015

Ben Foster: Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

From Upbeat, 1:00 pm on 12 February 2015
Ben Foster conducts the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular.

Ben Foster conducts the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular. Photo: Supplied

U.K. composer/ conductor Ben Foster is in New Zealand for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular. It’s a dream job for the man who was inspired by the television shows he watched as a child.

“Really truly I had a love of TV as a kid, and growing up with science fiction shows I really loved and hearing the music… and so to get the chance to work on Dr Who as an adult now, as part of my actual job that I get paid for is kinda crazy, cause this is where I started, this is what I love, this is why I got into music.”

The Dr Who Spectacular was developed nine years ago to bring orchestral music to new audiences, especially children, as Ben Foster explains to Eva Radich.

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