1.00 NZ dancers en pointe with ballet master

San Francisco ballet master Betsy Erickson

San Francisco ballet master Betsy Erickson Photo: Supplied

Betsy Erickson is ballet master for the San Francisco Ballet. She’s been coming to New Zealand for 12 years teaching the art form to the next generation at the New Zealand School of Dance. She speaks with Zoë George about the latest trends in dance, whether there’s a move away from classical ballet, and whether barre fitness classes are a good thing.

1.20 Did the Queen steal the show?

Scottish Soprano Ruth Jenkins-Robertsson

Scottish Soprano Ruth Jenkins-Robertsson Photo: Supplied

New Zealand Opera's new production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute opened on Saturday  at the St James in Wellington. The cast is a mix of International and New Zealand singers, including young English Soprano Ruth Jenkins-Robertsson. Rachel Hyde assesses if she hit the right notes with the audience?

1.40 Street beautification with spray paint

Artist Hayley King, aka Flox, working on a mural in Hamilton

Artist Hayley King, aka Flox, at work in Hamilton Photo: Supplied

Graffiti when sprayed haphazardly can be an eyesore. But in Hamilton they’ve recruited artist Hayley King, aka Flox, to turn its Central Library's bare walls into an urban garden. Her work also adorns stationary and splash backs in kitchens that feature in home renovation reality television shows. Haus of Flox, her Auckland based showroom is always abuzz with new projects blurring the line between art and craft.

Mural by Hayley King aka Flox

Mural by Hayley King aka Flox Photo: Supplied