12:10 Anne Rodda

Michael Hill International Violin Competition Director announces next year's semi-finalists

Michael Hill International Violin Competition

12:30 Jonny Marks & Sara Passmore

Pyramid Power performers preview the experimental music festival

Pyramid Power

12:50 John Kliem

Upbeat jazz contributor

1:10 Christopher Blake & Deborah Willis

NZSO CEO and Victoria University Pro Vice Chancellor for the Humanities announce the latest developments for the Wellington Town Hall

Wellington Town Hall

1:20 Resound

Kenneth Young looks at the Stabat Mater by composer David Griffiths

Music played in this show

RAVEL: Tzigane
Nikki Chooi (vln), Stephen de Pledge (pno)
RNZ Rec.20/06/2014

The All Seeing Hand
MUZAI 101136

MONK: Straight No Chaser
Ginger Baker (drums), Bill Frisell (gtr), Charlie Haden (bass) / Ginger Baker
Atlantic 7567-82652-2

HADEN: Sunday at the Hillcrest
Ginger Baker (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar), Charlie Haden (bass), Jerry Hahn (guitar) / Ginger Baker
Atlantic 7567-82900-2

BAKER: Cyril Davies
Denver Jazz Quintet to Octet
Atlantic 7567-83168-2

MILES: Coward of the County
Ginger Baker (drums), Fred Hess (ten sax/Bcl), James Carter (bar sax), Ron Miles (tpt), Eric Gunnison (pno), Shamie Royston (org), Todd Ayers (gtr), Glenn Taylor (steel gtr) Artie Moore (bass)
Atlantic 7567-83168-2

GRIFFITHS: Stabat Mater
Auckland Dorian Choir / Karen Grylls
RNZ Rec.28/03/1997