6 Jun 2024

Hector meets Hector

From Three to Seven, 4:00 pm on 6 June 2024
Publicity photo for Cadence Chung's play 'Hector'. From left: Lewis Thomson, Daniel Eir Lim

Daniel Eir Lim (right) plays Hector Wong, Lewis Thomson plays Hector Berlioz in Cadence Chung's new play'Hector' Photo: Supplied / Hebe Productions

Cadence Chung sits on a staircase, next to a wall with decorative wallpaper in the lower part.

Cadence Chung Photo: Ebony Lamb Photography

There's a new play opening soon at Wellington's BATS Theatre, written by poet and composer Cadence Chung.

Hector imagines two ‘Hectors’, stuck in a room together. One is the 19th century French composer Hector Berlioz, the other is a 21st century Chinese New Zealander, Hector Wong.

The play follows these two characters’ attempts to find some things in common despite the centuries between them. Travelling through many scenarios and eras, the Hectors loosely catalogue their lives, in a dialectic style reminiscent of a Platonic dialogue.

Cadence Chung talks with Three to Seven's Bryan Crump about her play and the music by Hector Berlioz it contains, which includes songs that she sings herself.

Hector is co-directed by Hazel Perigo-Blackburn and Lewis Thomson, alongside stage manager Jackson McCarthy.

The play is on at BATS Theatre in Wellington from 18-22 June.