5 Apr 2024

Listener Request: Audrey's pipe dream

From Three to Seven, 3:15 pm on 5 April 2024
Audrey listens to RNZ Concert from Orewa Beach

Photo: Audrey Hay

It happens sometimes. We put listeners to sleep.

That was the case for Audrey from Orewa, but it's what woke her up that prompted her to send a request, complete with a lovely photo. We'll let Audrey pick up the story: 

"A minute ago, I was fast asleep in my hammock on the deck (still listening to the radio of course) when I suddenly started to hear bagpipes. No, I wasn’t dreaming. There they are at the left-hand side of the picture, marching up and down the beach to the sound of the pipe and the drum. A Highland band on Orewa beach! Very stirring, heard from that distance."

And yes, you can see the pipers on the left of Audrey's photo. She went on to say:

"No, I am not requesting you play some pipe band music - it is not my favourite sound. How about Mendelssohn’s piano trio in D minor?"

Audrey, if you missed it live, you (and anyone else) can listen to the lovely second movement by clicking on the link above.

Pass on our best wishes to the pipers.