21 Feb 2024

Moment of Calm: Slow Train Coming - and going

From Three to Seven, 5:30 pm on 21 February 2024
Mohaka River and the railway viaduct.

Trains can be calming - from a distance. Photo: Brendan Purdy/ CC BY 2.0

Up close, they may be noisy. But there's something soothing about the sound of a distant train.

Bryan Crump recorded a goods train passing slowly over a viaduct for this week's Sonic Moment of Calm. It's paired with a beautiful, slow-moving track "Out of Nowhere" by the accordion player Tamsin Elliot and oud player Tarek Elazhary, off their album So Far We have Come.

If you missed it first time, or you're stuck in traffic, we reckon you won't be listening to this train in vain.