29 Aug 2023

Barbara Glaser: new patron of the Auckland Philharmonia

From Three to Seven, 4:00 pm on 29 August 2023
Barbara Glaser

Barbara Glaser Photo: Adrian Malloch

When it comes to orchestral leadership, conductors get most of the credit, but even musical directors must answer to the power behind the podium.

Barbara Glaser has just stepped down as CEO of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, a role she held for over 17 years. Her time at the helm included a global pandemic which forced the orchestras everywhere to close their doors.

The Auckland Philharmonia's response was to go big on live-streaming concerts, a strategy which earned it over four million views through the Covid lockdowns.

"The sense of community it gave people, even though they weren't together at that time, was really fantastic," says Barbara."

"We had so many messages from people saying 'This has just really saved us. It's such a depressing outlook, and this is the thing we look forward to'."

Barbara spoke with Three to Seven host Bryan Crump about the orchestra’s online Covid concerts, hiring a new music director (one of the tougher jobs she’s had to take on), and how she's looking forward to advocating for the orchestra as its new patron.

"Auckland and the APO have given me at least as much as I've given them," she says.