19 Jul 2023

Calla: Patterns of Remedy

From Three to Seven, 4:00 pm on 19 July 2023
Calla Knudson

Calla Photo: Petra Zoe

Calla Knudson (who performs as ‘Calla’) is a Dunedin born composer, electronic musician and operatic soprano.

In her words, Calla straddles two musical worlds: one saw her study classical singing at Waikato University, another involves her looping her voice – and her violin playing – electronically.

She released her second studio album Patterns of Remedy last month, and is nearly at the end of a nationwide tour of the album.

Calla talked with Bryan Crump about her music, touring Patterns of Remedy, and how she adapts the songs to a live setting.

She's found the most useful skill she needs in order to bring her performances off live is being able to multi-task. Some of the electronic production techniques she uses, such as looping, work well in her one-woman shows.

"People love watching looping because it's so engaging to see someone build [the music] up and build up the harmonic texture as they go," she says."

"The risk is, if you make a mistake, you've either got to put up with it, or you start again!"