22 Jun 2023

David Bremner: "Being part of their journey is really special"

From Three to Seven, 4:30 pm on 22 June 2023
NZSO principal trombonist David Bremner

NZSO principal trombonist David Bremner Photo: supplied

For many in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra it’s their first visit in Tonga but for NZSO Principal Trombonist and conductor, David Bremner is a frequent visitor. He tells Bryan Crump, “it’s incredible to be here”. 

Bremner is one of 12 musicians from the Orchestra travelling across the Island to teach multiple instrument workshops across Tongatapu to budding young brass players.

An effort the Tongan community has embraced with open arms. “A lot of the kids here are quite shy and as soon as we finish playing, they flood toward us”. Bremner said they were being fed well too, with fried chicken on the menu, “we rolled out of the last school being full as anything”. 

Bryan Crump asks David Bremner about the country's love of brass bands and the impact the NZSO’s visit is having on new players.

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