17 Aug 2018

The Works Limerick Competition: The Piano

From The Works, 9:21 am on 17 August 2018
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This week's winners:

Said Chopin, when asked to report
Why all of his pieces were short
 "My head's fairly buzzin'
 with etudes by the dozen
But to start a sonata takes thought"

Martin Dew


Ko Vladimir i whakatangi 
I te piana ki ake te rangi.
Tino kaha te haruru
Puta noa te motu
I rangona i te tawhiti hāngī.

Vladimir played the piano up to the sky.
So loud was the sound throughout the land
It was heard at a distant hāngī.

Joanna Piekarski

Highly commended:

A woman from Auckland said "Jeez,
when I play the piano, I freeze.
It's not just a scale
Or a tune makes me fail,
it's the fact there are so many keys!"

Sidney, Auckland


My fingers once danced on the keys
A beautiful girl thus to please
But when at the end
It was 'thumbs down my friend'
I sank with despair to my knees

Bruce, Wellington


"As a teen, 'Fur Elise' was a chore,
Beatles and others came to the fore,
Now a Senior Cit,
Wish I'd practiced a bit,
As I find I love Beethoven more!"

Lynne, Wellington


Some jazz pianists tinkle and plunk
Like they and their fingers were drunk,
But for sound that's unique
With prodigious technique
There's none like Thelonious Monk.

Bruce McKinney