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Important! Sound Lounge and New Music Dreams both have new time slots on new days.
From now on Sound Lounge will be at 9:30pm to midnight Saturdays.
New Music Dreams will be on at 11pm on Sundays.

9:30 NZTrio: Zoom

A concert of exciting modern works for piano trio by one of New Zealand’s leading chamber music groups, NZTrio. It was recorded in 2016 at Q Theatre Loft in Auckland.

JOHN MUSTO: Piano Trio; CHRIS WATSON: Schemata – three views of an imaginary object; ELLIOTT CARTER: Elliott Carter; ALEXANDER ZEMLINSKY: Trio in D Minor Op 3 (recorded at Q Theatre Loft, Auckland by RNZ)

2015 Sounz Contemporary Award Winner Chris Watson

2015 Sounz Contemporary Award Winner Chris Watson Photo: supplied

Thundercat at the NZ Festival 2018

Thundercat at the NZ Festival 2018 Photo: Melody Thomas

THUNDERCAT: HooooooO, Daylight, Fleer Ultra, Jamboree, Mystery Machine, from The Golden Age of the Apocalypse
BFCD 023

TLAOTLON: Myriade, Ascensis,  Odys, Siade
Jeremy Coughbragh (electronics)
Fatcat Records 12FAT093

11:00 Relevant Tones - Soundward: Old Faves and New Raves

In another episode in the continuing partnership with Q2 Music’s Phil Kline, Seth Boustead and Phil sit down in Q2 Music’s studio and discuss exciting works they’ve discovered. (WFMT)

Julius Eastman

Julius Eastman Photo: Supplied