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MICAH STELLAR: Elysium, Unconsolable, from the new album Al+Kmy
Micah Stellar (production)


ANDREW PAYNE: The Return Journey, from Time’s Arrow
BBC SO/Andre Davis
NMC D 0375

STEVE REICH: Eight Lines
Ensemble Modern, Bradley Lubman
RCA 74321 66459


RUDOLF ESCHER: Sonata for violoncello solo
Pieter Wispelwey (cello)
Globe 5089

OSCAR STRASNOY: Trois Caprices de Paganini
Latica Honda-Rosenberg (vln), Radio France Phil
Aeon AECD 1331

Oscar Strasnoy in Los Angeles, 2015

Oscar Strasnoy in Los Angeles, 2015 Photo: Creative Commons

JOHN CAGE: A Room; Dream
Alexei Lubimov (prepared pno, pno)
ECM 2268

11:00 New Music Dreams

Pantaleimon - Heart of the Sun

Pantaleimon - Heart of the Sun Photo: album cover art

"It is not simply a remix album, but a collaborative project. I chose friends I admired as artists and who inhabit creative spaces that are connected in some way and on some level to me and to each other. I gave away my babies to go out to play. Even though I had an inkling that the mixes would fit together as one coherent whole, I had no idea just how much they would complement one another." - Andria Degens (A.K.A. Pantaleimon)

PANTALEIMON: Heart of the Sun
Andria Degens (voice, and various instruments) with remixes by Colin Potter, Andrew Lilies, Stephen O’Malley, Fovea Hex, Lilium, etc
Durtro Jnana 008