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7:00 WOMAD Taranaki 2015

Thirteen programmes of live performances from artists recorded at the festival held in New Plymouth last March

Jupiter Okwess International on stage at WOMAD Taranaki 2015.

Jupiter Okwess International on stage at WOMAD Taranaki 2015. Photo: Michael Flynn.

(12) Jupiter Bokondji & Okwess International

Jupiter Bokondji has been described as the rebel general of Congo's music scene. He sings heavy political and social messages over guitar riffs, funky beats and brass in a style that he calls Bofenia Rock - an edgy combination of Afropop, traditional Congolese rhythms, funk and rock music, played with fierce energy by his band (recorded at Brooklands Park, New Plymouth by RNZ)


brainsoutclock by Yeongrak

brainsoutclock by Yeongrak Photo: End of The Alphabet Records

A selection of music by the New Zealand experimental musician whose, tracks inhabit a world full of bent and broken dance music, youtube K-Pop covers and multilayered manga.

KAIJA SAARIAHO: Prelude,  Ballade
Gloria Cheng (pno)
HMU 907 578

Ensemble Modern/Peter Rundel
RCA 74321 66459

PHIL BROADHURST: Japanese Shadows
Phil Broadhurst Quintet
Rattle 410282

9:00 Relevant Tones


We all know the Pastoral Symphony of Beethoven, Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture inspired by Fingal’s Cave, and the music by Vaughan Williams inspired by the English countryside.  But in the modern era, the urban environment is inspiring many composers to capture its sounds in music. (WFMT)


Cityscape Photo: Supplied

David Sampson: Chicago Moves, IV, Lake Shore Drive (excerpt)
Gaudete Brass
Cedille 136

Bernard Hoffer: Road Rage
Albany 1018

David DeVasto: II. Sudden and VI. London, 1665 fr. Winter Seven
DeVasto (pno), Scott Uddenberg (vocals)

Chiayu: Urban Sketches
Members of the Curtis Institute
Naxos 8.559713

Joseph Kokkyar: Brady Street fr. Streets and Bridges
Jeri-Mae Astolfi (pno)

Patricia Morehead: Cityscape
Czech Philarharmonic Orchestra/Robert Ian Winstin

Derek Bermel: Mulatash Stomp
Christopher Taylor (pno), Derek Bermel (cl), Heleen Hulst (vln)
New World 895

Michael Torke: South Beach, Midnight fr. Miami Grands
Miami Piano Circle
Ecstatic Records 92251

Diane Jones: Street Song
Trio Casals

John Adams: The City and Its Double fr. City Noir (excerpt)
St. Louis Symphony/Robertson
Nonesuch 541356


FIFLA: Some Frolics
Keiichi Sugimoto
Headz 108

10:05 Shanghai Reminiscences

GE GAN-RU: Shanghai Reminiscences
Royal Scottish National Orch/Tsung Yeh
Naxos 8.570609

11:00 New Music Dreams

RAPOON: The Fires of the Borderlands
Robin Storey
Release Entertainment ‎RR 6978

The Fires of the Borderlands by Rapoon

The Fires of the Borderlands by Rapoon Photo: album cover art