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7:00 Relevant Tones

In the Field: Mexico City Part I

Relevant Tones In the Field Pt
Georgina Derbez.

One of the world’s largest cities and a mecca for diverse art and culture, Mexico City is also the home of a fascinating array of creative musicians and composers. Part 1 of a two-part series will feature interviews and music from the city’s musical leaders.  Listen to programme here

Ana Lara: Y Los Oros, La Luz (excerpt)
Ana Lara: Concierto para Corno di Bassetto, II + III (excerpt)
Georgina Derbez: Double Concerto for Orchestra, Piano and Flute
Jorge Torres Sáenz: Órbitas
Rosino Serrano: Adam & Eve film score (excerpt)
Federico Ibarra: String Quartet No. 2, Prestoo
Cuarteto Latinamericano
New Albion 100