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7:00 Prep for Ainadamar this weekend


GOLIJOV: Air to Air
The Silk Road Ensemble
World Village 468095

GOLIJOV: Tenebrae
Kronos Quartet
Deutsche Grammophon 477 6426

Thomas Buckner (bar), Annea Lockwood
Lovely Music LCD 2082  24’57

8:00 Dorothy Ker


Composer Dorothy Ker returns to New Zealand to take up the position of Visiting Scholar at the NZSM, resident at the Lilburn House in Wellington. Originally a graduate of Auckland University, she left in 1992 to study with Nicola Lefanu and Harrison Birtwistle, and is now firmly based in the UK with a thriving freelance career and position as Senior Lecturer in composition at Sheffield University. Her music appears at contemporary music festivals around the world, and ensembles that have commissioned her works include Lontano, the London Symphony Orchestra and 175 East here in New Zealand.

Charlotte Wilson talks to her about her music and influences, from her formative years at the piano, to study with Harrison Birtwistle and her abiding interests in time, space, and the nature of landscape and memory.

Music extracts from: diffracted terrains; solo for cello; Close-Up of a Daisy: echo; water mountain; […and…1]; The Structure of Memory; a gentle infinity; […and…11]

Presented and produced by Charlotte Wilson, for RNZ Concert


LAMPSON: Mysterienszenen
Musicans from the International Mahler Orch/Yoel Gamzou
Col Legno WWE 1CD 20407

10:00 Instruments you thought might have fizzled out by now

KOPPEL: Concerto for Recorder & Orch, “Moonchild’s Dream”
Michala Petri (rec), English CO/Okko Kamu
RCA 09026 62543

PADDING: First Harmonium Concerto
Dirk Luijmes (harmonium), Orkest de Erprijs
Radio Nederland Worldwide MCCP 124

FISCHER: Topographic Long Range
Zig Zag ZZT 100 501

11:00 New Music Dreams

RIHM: Cantus Firmus
DOWLAND: Lachrimae verae
RIHM: Ricercare – Musik in memoriam Luigi Nono
WEBERN: Six Pieces Op 6
RIHM: Chiffre II

Klangforum Wien
Col Legno WWE 1CD 20297