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7:00 Warp Hour, inspired by These Hopeful Machines

ENO: dreambirds; pour it out; as if your eyes were partly closed


Boards of Canada: ready lets go; beware the friendly stranger; dandelion; sunshine recorder; in the annexe; the smallest weird number; energy warning; opening the mouth; i saw drones; over the horizon radar; diving station; corsair

JAMES: White Blur 2

8:00 Proms 2013

30 programmes from the world's greatest classical music festival
(15) Frederic Rzewski (pno), BBC Scottish SO/Ilan Volko

WHITE: Chord-Breaking Machine
BARRY: No Other People
RZEWSKI: Piano Concerto (BBC Commission: Première)
FELDMAN: Coptic Light

(recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, by the BBC)


Canadian composer, Jacques Hétu, is interviewed by Eitan Cornfield, during a walk in the woods

HETU: Les Abîmes du rêve (The Abyss of Dreams)
Joseph Rouleau (bass), Québec SO/Simon Streatfeild
Centredisques CMCCD 8302
CD 2 Tks 6-10  30’35

11:00 New Music Dreams

New Zealand violinist Chris Prosser with Four Seasons Television and The Nether Dawn