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Chris Cree BrownChristopher CREE-BROWN (b. 1953)
Forgotten Memories (2004)

Vyvyan Yendoll (va), New Zealand Symphony Orchestra/James Judd
Recorded by Radio New Zealand Concert
4 March 2005

Forgotten Memories

Perhaps a little like objects in cyberspace, memories are simultaneously real while in another sense, imagined fabrications. Each of us has stored an incalculable number of memories that become distorted, fade over time, or are forgotten. The questions of how real are memories and when do they exist or cease to exist has fascinated me for several years. This work is intended to speak about forgotten memories, not only personal ones, but also the countless memories that have been lost or misplaced over the millennia of human existence. There is a melody on the solo Viola that first appears two minutes into the work; it is reiterated twice, but is coloured by other sounds on each successive rendition, perhaps like the colouring of our memories.