20 Sep 2020

Half-yearly Regrets

From New Horizons, 5:00 pm on 20 September 2020

William Dart, ever regretful, catches up on music that has slipped out of recent programmes' schedules, with Edith Piaf, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Shirley Collins and Seth Haapu sharing unexpected common ground.

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Brian Wilson, Shirley Collins, Seth Haapu

Brian Wilson, Shirley Collins, Seth Haapu Photo: Flickr user Wonker (CC2.0), Domino Records, Seth Haapu

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks’ 1995 release, Orange Crate Art is now having a sort of quarter-century birthday celebration.

Discounting all the state-of-the-art remastering of its music, the packaging this 2CD set with a whole disc of just the instrumental accompaniments is darned eccentric, even by Brian Wilson standards.

Nevertheless, there may be some swooning amongst Van Dyke Parks fans, as we thrill to every flick of this man’s musical paintbrush, free of his partner’s multitracked vocals. And, if you’ve ever wanted a Brian Wilson karaoke album, well, here it is.

English folksinger Shirley Collins has been featured on New Horizons many times.

In 2016, William looked at her comeback album, Lodestar, a glorious return after 38 years of silence. Now at the age of 85, Collins has followed this up with a new CD titled Heart’s Ease, an immensely satisfying and deeply personal 40-plus minutes in the ever verdant garden of English and American folksong.

Shirley Collins sings on eleven of the dozen tracks of the album with all the quiet and calm authority that’s earned her so much love and respect.

William ends the programme by making good on another regret - not being able to fit Seth Haapu's glorious new single 'Ūkaipō' into last week's programme, in which he featured alongside Maisey Rika.

Music Details

'Song title' (Composer) – Performers
Album title

'Non je ne regette rien' (Dumont, Vauclaire) – Edith Piaf

'Orange Crate Art (Instrumental)' (Wilson, Parks) – Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks
Orange Crate Art (25th Anniversary Edition)

'Rhapsody In Blue (Outtake)' (Gershwin) – Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks
Orange Crate Art (25th Anniversary Edition)

'What A Wonderful World (Outtake)' (Thiele, Weiss) – Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks
Orange Crate Art (25th Anniversary Edition)

'A Song Story' (Trad) – Shirley Collins, Dolly Collins
Anthems in Eden

'Claudy Banks' (Trad) – Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band
No Roses

'Single Girl, Married Girl' (AP Carter) – Ruby Vass
The Ballad Of Shirley Collins

'Just as the Tide Was Flowing' (Trad) – Shirley Collins

'The Merry Golden Tree' (Trad) – Shirley Collins
Heart's Ease

'Wondrous Love' (Trad) – Shirley Collins
Heart's Ease

'Crowlink' (Brown, Shaw) – Shirley Collins
Heart's Ease

'Ūkaipō' (Haapu) – Seth Haapu
(Kehua Music)

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