15 Oct 2017

A Dog Show

From New Horizons, 5:00 pm on 15 October 2017
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Photo: CC0 ex Pixabay.com

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Photo: We Buy Gold Records

Philly goodtime band Dr Dog's latest album, Abandoned Mansion, is an accumulation of all the musical generosity and goodwill that they've been meting out for a decade and a half. They themselves describe it as "a mood record. Easy Peasy listening. Nothing too jarring or atonal. No blips or bloops or anything else that might unsettle you. There’s plenty of upright bass for any of you tall people."

William Dart listens, entranced.

Then across the Atlantic to Wales. Songdog inhabits a different kennel.

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Photo: Junkyard Songs

Frontman, Lyndon Morgans started out as a playwright in the 90s, but dreams of being a songwriter, with Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen as a revered triumvirate, took over.

Over the years, William has become rather fond of Morgan's elegant sadsack sagas. He's more forgiving of the new release Joy Street than some critics.

Music Details

'Song title' (Composer) – Performers
Album title

'Walking The Dog' (Thomas) – Rufus Thomas
Funky Chicken
(Dressed to Kill)

'I Can't Fly' (Dr Dog) – Dr Dog
(Park the Van)

'Shadow People' (Auerbach/Dr Dog) – Dr Dog
Shame, Shame

'Casual Freefall' (Dr Dog) – Dr Dog
Abandoned Mansion
(We Buy Gold)

'Survive' (Dr Dog) – Dr Dog
Abandoned Mansion
(We Buy Gold)

'I Saw Her for the First Time' (Dr Dog) – Dr Dog
Abandoned Mansion
(We Buy Gold)

'Goodbye Isabel' (Morgans) – Songdog
The Way of the World

'My Space-Rock Tape' (Morgans) – Songdog
The Time of Summer Lightning
(One Little Indian)

'Joy Street' (Morgans) – Songdog
Joy Street
(Junkyard Songs)

'A Ukulele Whizz Looks Back' (Morgans) – Songdog
Joy Street
(Junkyard Songs)

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