9 Jul 2017

The impeccably styled sadness of Aimee Mann

From New Horizons, 5:00 pm on 9 July 2017
Aimee Mann

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Photo: SuperEgo Records

American songwriter Aimee Mann turns feeling down into an "impeccably styled and groomed artistic statement", says William Dart.

"When it comes to soul-searching, she's the mistress of an emotionally savvy scalpel."

Her new album Mental Illness digs deep, although is far from being a psychoanalytical casebook, he says.

Mann has said that the characters on the album are all dysfunctional in some way so the name of the disc is at the same time ridiculous and accurate.

Music Details

'Song title' (Composer) – Performers
Album title

'Avalanche' (Cohen) – Leonard Cohen
Songs of Love and Hate

'I Know There’s a Word' (Mann) – Aimee Mann

'Nightmare Girl' (Mann) – Aimee Mann
Humpty Dumpty single

'Goose Snow Cone' (Mann) – Aimee Mann
Mental Illness

'Patient Zero' (Mann) – Aimee Mann
Mental Illness

'Same Old Lang Syne' (Fogelberg) – Dan Fogelberg
Portrait – The Music of Dan Fogelberg

'Lies of Summer' (Mann) – Aimee Mann
Mental Illness

'Save Me' (Mann) – Aimee Mann
Magnolia, Original Movie Soundtrack

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