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In response to the APRA Silver Scrolls last week, William takes a look back at some previous winners. He then runs through some of the contenders and the winner in 2012.

Then follows three new releases:

Nightchoir - See the First Star
Sola Rosa - Low and Behold, High and Beyond
Luckless - Luckless

nightchoir see the first star sola rosa low and behold luckless


Artist – Album Title [Label]
Composer: Song

Ray Columbus – The Solo Years [EMI]
Columbus: I need you

Dave Jordan – Seasons [Kiwi Pacific SLC 67]
Jordan: I shall take my leave

King Kapisi – Reverse Resistance [Festival single]
Kapisi: Reverse Resistance

The Mutton Birds – Salty [Virgin]
McGlashan: Anchor Me

Kiwi Hit Disc 144 [NZ On Air]
Puffin: Outta Reach – Lindon Puffin

Kiwi Hit Disc 141 [NZ On Air]
King: Never be without you – Grand Rapids

Lydia Cole – Me & Moon
Cole: Hibernate

Kiwi Hit Disc 146 [NZ On Air]
Neilson: Getaway tonight – Opossom

Kiwi Hit Disc 152 [NZ On Air]
McGrath/Shanks: State House by the River – The Eastern

Kiwi Hit Disc 143 [NZ On Air]
MacDonald: Girl in Stilettos – Anna Mac

[Ex iTunes]
Brown: Everything to me – Lips

Nightchoir – See the First Star [Elevenfiftyseven]
Hall/Jordan/Franklin-Browne: Pretty Good
Hall/Jordan/Franklin-Browne: Don’t Know

Sola Rosa – Entrance to Skyway [Festival Mushroom]
Spraggon: 3am

Sola Rosa – Moves On [Festival Mushroom]
Spraggon: Deadman walking

Sola Rosa – Low and Behold, High and Beyond [Way Up]
Mitchell/Spraggon: Spinning Top
Rennie/Spraggon: In My Dreams
Mitchell/Spraggon: Loveless

Luckless – Luckless [Touch Piece]
Rossiter/Wood: Hummingbird Heart
Rossiter/Wood: Snake and Crocodile