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William reviews new releases from local New Zealand acts:

James Duncan - Vanishing
... "There's a certain obsessional quality to the way that Duncan's music grows ... the temptations for a studio based musician are a little like those of a painter in oils, compared to the irretrievable moves of a watercolourist."

Opossom - Electric Hawaii
... "the new album from the Mint Chicks' Kody Neilson, and it delivers songs that cover a staggering range of music."

The Shifting Sands - Feel
... "a new album from Michael McLeod. In its way it's a bit of a [Dunedin] starfest with Robbie Yeats ... David Kilgour... Jay Clarkson... Lesley Paris ... Robert Scott."

He winds up with a track from the latest Kiwi Hit Disc, a taster for Lawrence Arabia's new album.

James duncan vanishing opossom electric hawaii the shifting sands feel

Complete Playlist

James Duncan – Vanishing [Banished from the Universe BAN008]
Duncan: The Start
Duncan: Mickey
Duncan: Anti Radiation Fez
Duncan: You Better Wait
Duncan: Galactic Screen Saviour

Kiwi Hit Disc 87
Neilson: Walking off a cliff again (The Mint Chicks)

Opossom – Electric Hawaii [DSR/CRS Records DSR1]
Neilson: Fly
Neilson: Watchful Eye
Neilson: Electric Hawaii
Neilson: Outer Space
Neilson: Girl

Eamon Andrew – [iTunes]
Gilbert/Hadler: The Shifting Whispering Sands

The Shifting Sands – Feel [FISH008]
McLeod: Pixies
McLeod: Feel
McLeod: Too Late

Kiwi Hit Disc 117
Milne: Apple Pie Bed (Lawrence Arabia)

Kiwi Hit Disc 149
Milne: Travelling Shoes (Lawrence Arabia)