Pūmanawa brings together four brilliant kapa haka who embody the ideals of legacy, talent and dedication to a centuries-old way of celebration. Join Te Rōpū Manutaki, Te Iti Kahurangi, Tūwhitia kia Angitu and 2019 Te Matatini winners Ngā Tūmanako as they sing and haka with full voices, fierce wairua (spirit) and boundless energy. 

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More about Pūmanawa

There are four groups on stage in the Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre. They each give a solo performance, but they also join together in various combinations to enjoy each others’ company and learn each others’ songs – something that would be rare in competitive kapa haka.

Pūmanawa the word means “talented, gifted, beating heart” – and as the programme says, that “describes the essence of kapa haka; it is the heartbeat of Māoridom”.

Also powerful in the kaupapa is the concept of legacy and mātauranga tuku iho, knowledge handed down through generations. We remember those who have come before. And we pay special tribute on this occasion to Sir Pita Sharples, who did so much to foster and grow the art of kapa haka – he was in the audience at the Aotea Centre.

Recording credits 

Featuring Te Rōpū Manutaki, Te Iti Kahurangi, Tūwhitia kia Angitu and Ngā Tūmanako 

Recorded by RNZ Concert in Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre, 21 March 2021 
Recording and mixing engineer: Adrian Hollay 
Producer: Tim Dodd 

Pūmanawa was part of the Auckland Arts Festival 2021