27 Apr 2021

Kaija SAARIAHO: Light And Matter

From Music Alive, 8:02 pm on 27 April 2021

A work inspired by the play of light in a New York park over the course of a day.

Performed by NZTrio - Amalia Hall (violin), Ashley Brown (cello), Somi Kim (piano) - at their concert 'Constellations'

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Photo: Garth Badger

Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho writes music in the genre labelled "spectralist" – a genre that emerged in France in the 1970s which concerns itself predominantly with the colours and textures of sound.

She writes about this piano trio:

“I composed this piece in New York when we lived next to the Morningside Park. I could see the park during the whole day, form sunrise until sunset, and that change of light constantly modified the park: the trunks changed colours, the shadows moved and reshaped the landscape. And I had these images in front of me from fall to spring. All that inspired me to compose Light and Matter.”

Recorded by RNZ Concert in Auckland Concert Chamber, 11 December 2020
Producer: Tim Dodd; Engineer: Rangi Powick